Google Workspace Essentials

What Is Google Workspace Essentials and Its Basics?

Formally known as G Suite essentials, the Google Workspace Essentials is designed to collaborate with your team more efficiently and manage tasks within your organization with a few clicks. It allows your team members to sync their work and knowledge without any boundation of different places and time zones.  

In addition, it gives you access to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for content creation, G Drive for safe and secure cloud storage, and Google Meet for high-quality enterprise video conferencing. Moreover, integration with your existing tools gets easier when you have Google Workspace Essentials.

Google Workspace Essentials

Google Workspace essentials is built for those teams and organizations which are having a Gmail and calendar solution in place. Also, Google has made it easier for its Workspace Essentials apps to work with Microsoft Office. So if you want to take advantage of Google’s Cloud-based collaboration & productivity tools without using Google calendar and Gmail, then Google Workspace Essentials is for you.

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Why Should You Use Google Workspace Essentials?

As you know, in 2020 there are so many changes that have come to the working pattern of business organizations. Most of the work is being done from home or from different places under separate time zones. Maintaining productivity is challenging for both employees and employers. As an entrepreneur and a business person, you won’t appreciate the low productivity rate of your commercial undertakings. So with this understanding, Google came up with Google workspace. 

Now, there were many options and plans under Google Workspace like Google Workspace standard, starter, plus, and other enterprise editions. All these editions are great. They helped millions of businesses to keep their productivity on track. 

Then Google brought its Essentials edition for those who do not need the Gmail or Google Calendar features because they already have a solution and still want to avail of Google’s cloud-based collaboration & productivity tools. So If you require Gmail, Calendar, or custom email for your business, I will suggest you to go with Google Workspace rather than Google Workspace Essentials.


Which Google Workspace Essential Is Right For Your Business Entity?

There are two editions of Google Workspace Essentials. Both plans have different drive storage. If you have a large organization or team and you need more storage then you must choose the enterprise essential edition. In this edition, you will get advanced security and management features. One more major difference is, you are allowed to include up to 250 members in Google Meet video conferencing. However, if your team size is not that large, neither you require that much storage then it is recommended to choose the basic version.


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Google Workspace Essentials


USD / active user / month

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logo meetMeet Video and voice conferencing

  • Host meetings with up to 150 participants
  • Schedule and join meetings from Outlook calendar
  • Record meetings and save to Drive

google driveDrive Storage and file sharing

  • 100GB per user, 2TB pooled cloud storage
  • Shared drives for unified team storage
  • Drive File Stream to access content directly from your desktop

DocsDocuments, spreadsheets, and presentations


google sheetsSheets Spreadsheets


Slides PresentationSlides Presentation builder


Google FormsForms Professional surveys builder


SitesgoogleSites Website builder


google Workspace KeepKeep Shared notes



Standard SupportStandard Support


google adminAdmin Security and administration controls


  • Encryption in transit and at rest
  • Advanced Protection Program


Additional Features Of Google Workspace Essentials:-

Compatible With MS Office:-

This feature allows you to work with Microsoft Office Files without any requirement of the pre-installed Office. Even if you no longer have an office, you can keep your files in Microsoft format. Then it becomes easier to convert office documents to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Now you can work in the Office and save changes to Drive.

Drive File Stream:-

With this feature, you get an option of Saving specific files and folders offline, including shared drives. Moreover, you can view and organize files in your computer system without using the storage. All you need is to download Drive File Stream on your PC/Mac.

Work Anywhere On Any Device:-

The Google Workspace Essentials apps work on all devices, smartphones, tablets, and computers. So working on these apps is easier, you have a lot of options to collaborate your work with so much compatibility among different devices. 

Create Custom Surveys and forms:-

This allows you to collect information easily and efficiently from your clients or collaborators through creating custom surveys and forms. Moreover, it is really helpful to get valuable insights from your team and analyze the data in Google Sheets right away.

Offline Access:-

Suppose you are working on a document and you lose your internet connection. You may lose all your edits and work that you’ve done. Offline access to these apps avoids this scenario. Even if you don’t have access to the internet, still you can view, create, and edit files in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Whatever changes you make it will automatically sync and update that file in drive as you connect to the internet.


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