How To Build Visitor Check In App With Appsheet

How To Build Visitor Check In App With Appsheet

Let’s start by understanding why you need a visitor check-in app. Here is a hypothetical situation for you. 

Let’s assume it’s a good sunny day. You are enjoying the view of the outside garden from your office window with a cup of coffee and then some police officers rush into your office. Obviously, you will be quite shocked but do not worry, they just need some data. They ask you to provide them with a list of all the visitors who visited your office last month. 

How To Build Visitor Check In App With Appsheet

An obvious question that will pop into your head is why. A wanted criminal was known to have visited your office last month. His details must be in your records‘ officers tell you. 

Now there is this pressure on you to produce that list. You start to open and carefully analyze the data present in piles and piles of paper. Another possibility is that you manually count them by opening that excel document on your computer. 

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Let’s say that you had prepared a list somehow. Now the question is: are you hundred percent sure that this list is accurate? Does it have all visitors and employers? Are there details correct? Did all visitors mark their entry? 

These are the obvious questions that will cross your mind if you don’t use visitor check-in apps.

What Is a Visitor Check-in App?

It is a technology provided by an app through which you can track and monitor visitors entering and leaving your building. 

In this world of technology, everyone wants everything to be accurate, quick, less hectic, and paperless. Nobody wants to spend much time on small things. Now we will learn how to build a visitor check-in app with AppSheet. 

First, What is an AppSheet?

AppSheet is a no-code development platform to enable innovation everywhere. Yes, you heard it right. NO CODE.

AppSheet platform allows anyone to develop powerful mobile and web applications directly from their own data. Anyone with basic knowledge could now make apps and web applications as per their requirement. It is the new future. 

Imagine you could, on your own, with no coding skills, make an app that fulfills all your needs for the business. You don’t even have to hire a single developer. It sounds interesting. Isn’t it? That is what AppSheet is. 

Build A Visitor Check-In App Step By Step With AppSheet

Over the course, a few app ideas using prebuilt app templates are stated. [alert-announce]

  1. Click on the Appsheet customizes template.Google Workspace Appsheet customizes template
  2. Scroll down and click on the Visitor Check-ins, after that click on the copy and customize.Google Workspace Visitor Check-ins App
  3. Wait for a few minutes and a pop-up will appear and click on the customize app.Visitor Check-ins App Pop up
  4. Now the template will open and click on Register a new on Register a new visitor
  5. Now add the name, Email, and Phone number of the new guest.Add New Guest Details
  6. Set the expected date, time, and reason for the visit.Set date And time
  7. Now the appointment is set, and you can update it and write it in Google Calendar.Add Visitor Check ins To Google Calendar
  8. If you want to check in the visitor, click on the check-in option at the right corner.check-in option at the right corner
  9. For added security, you may click the visitor’s photo at the time of check-in. It will be saved to Google drive and displayed on the visitor’s profile in your visitor app.visitor's photo for security


You are all set to make a great impression on your guests and track their records. Now you can opt for the following activities:

  • You can save time and streamline in-office communications with automated notifications, like pinging a Google chat room whenever a new guest arrives to notify hosts and many more. 
  • You can also, without any problem, closely monitor office capacity levels. Simply click on the currency here tab to see a list of all current visitors at any given time of the day. 
  • And lastly, you can review previous visits in the visitor history tab, as well as download the data for purposes and more.

What are the benefits of using visitor check-in apps?

Visitor check-in apps are a replacement for the traditional ways and it comes with their own benefits. On a broad scale, it is paperless, more efficient, and accurate. 

1. Providing a safe environment for the employees.

For any workplace or business, the main concern is the security of the employees. Only if a person feels safe will he or she give his or her best performance which will directly benefit the company. Through the visitor, check-in app employees would feel comfortable as there will be no intrusion from an unwanted person. 

2. Pocket friendly

As you have the option to choose only those features that you need, you will have to pay for only those services. Let’s be honest, the scanning technology or the conventional method burns holes in your pockets. 

3. Gives you complete power

At any point of time in the day, you will have the power to check out what is happening in your workplace. Who is entering the premises, who is leaving the premises, who is meeting whom, everything? 

4. Gives your workplace a good reputation.

It will surely help you build a strong reputation and will give you an edge over others. Anyone who visits your office will have a good first impression and they will know that this workplace is secure and efficient. 

5. You can customize the app as per your needs.

It’s the best feature of the visitor check-in app. You can customize everything as per your requirement for your workplace. You could schedule the visits of each and every person. You could add images of the person too. 

In this technical world, the visitor check-in app is an alternative to the conventional visitor record system and is accurate and more accessible. It increases organizational productivity, efficiency, eliminates the hectic paperwork and gives you maximum control over your workplace. 

Visitor Check-In App Final Words

Now you have a no-code platform where you could literally make a powerful app and you know the importance of visitor check-in apps. So what is stopping you now? 

The experience of visitors through check-in and check out is important and the first impression for any business. With Google’s no-code development platform, building a custom check-in app to help streamline and automate this communication is quick and easy.



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