Best Free Google Workspace Marketplace Apps for Education

Best Free Google Workspace Marketplace Apps for Education

Technology is enhancing the learning approach every day. It is becoming more advanced with different tools and software. Students are able to join any course and take online classes by sitting inside their homes with few clicks. Some of the Google Workspace marketplace apps are making a great impact on learning by facilitating both teachers and students. 

Best Free Google Workspace Marketplace Apps for Education

In this article, I am going to tell you about the best Free Google Workspace marketplace apps for education. You will definitely love these apps because they are free and helpful at covering the gap between students and teachers. Moreover, you can also read our related post of free Google Workspace apps for Business and Productivity.

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List of 5 Best Free Google Workspace Marketplace Apps for Education


1. Pear Deck For Google Slides (Presentation Management)

Pear Deck For Google Slides



Key Features:-

  • Share your responses with any student in your class
  • Use videos, animations and GIFs to make presentations more effective
  • Easy to integrate with Google tools
  • Add an audio description to any slide
  • Create custom questions with attractive templates [/alert-note]

Pear Deck helps you to engage with students more efficiently while you are presenting some topic in your class. Various drawings and interactive questions make a topic more interesting. Moreover, you can figure out who’s confused and who’s ready for more. 

The various templates are designed in a way that supports learning objectives at the beginning, middle and end of a class. Also, your students can join your session from any device with a web browser and answer your questions in real-time

You don’t need to learn any new set of tools, it is as simple as opening slides or PowerPoint. Pear Deck has three plans: Basic (FREE), Individual Premium ($150 PER YEAR), and School And District (CUSTOM).  

2. Hypatia(Fastest Math Equation Editor)

Hypatia Free Google Workspace Marketplace Apps


Key Features:-

  • Menu-driven editor to edit user-entered math
  • Import equations automatically and the add on with the document
  • Insert math images and paragraphs for centred equations
  • Easy to display and run third party web content
  • Various presentation tools with automatic math checking for errors [/alert-note]

Are you teaching mathematics and wondering how to add those complex equations to your Google Slide?.. If yes, then Hypatia is there for you. Hypatia is the fastest and smart editor to include math equations in Google Docs, Slides, and Forms. It provides you with publication-quality math equations and formats into your document. 

Moreover,  it enhances the bonding between the teacher and students by giving permission to present the slide. It gives you a copy and pastes option, you can copy an equation from Wikipedia or elsewhere and paste that equation directly to the Hypatia

Also, this makes math font size and colour corresponds to surrounding text automatically. Hypatia is highly recommended for teachers who deal with mathematical equations on a regular basis.

3. Flubaroo(Grade And Score Analytics)

Flubaroo Free Google Workspace Marketplace Apps


Key Features:-

  • Assign a score to the students on open-ended questions
  • Share the grades through Email and G Drive along with a note
  • Option to send stickers and badges while sharing the grades
  • View average score and histograms
  • Get a report and analyse students’ performance [/alert-note]

If you want to analyse students’ performance instantly but do not have enough time for grading, then try Flubaroo. Flubaroo helps educators to grade assessments and assignments quickly. It gives you multiple options to make your grading process easy and look interesting. 

You can give a score to each student and find out if any of them is in need of extra help or assistance. Moreover, with Flubaroo, it is easy to find out the question which a majority of students missed. Also, you can attach an additional note to the class or particular student in order to convey any instruction or message. The best thing, it is free of cost and around 7,00,000 educators are using this app.  

4. Classroom Manager(Administration and Management)

Classroom Manager Free Google Workspace Marketplace Apps


Key Features:-

  • Retrieve details of all existing courses to the spreadsheet
  • Monitor teachers performance and classrooms in teachers domain
  • Addition and removal of the teachers and the students automatically
  • Check the user’s last logged in and associated teacher as per the schedule
  • Keep track of students ‘ submissions and grades [/alert-note]

When you are ahead or an admin of an educational institution, it is really challenging to manage the schedule of teachers and students during online classes. The classroom manager not only helps you to do that but also, keeps track of the courses, grades and performance of the students. 

You can assign classrooms and courses to the teachers as per their domain. Moreover, it allows you to update and manage the course status, course name and section, description, and room. Also, you can upload the spreadsheet data from your school information system by synchronizing that data with the classroom data. 

Classroom Manager is free for 7 days with all features. After 7 days you have to buy an admin licence that covers all teachers in the domain.

5. Quilgo(Skills And Exams Assessment)

Quilgo Free Google Workspace Marketplace Apps


Key Features:-

  • Easy to make video snapshots of your respondents
  • Timer to know the start and submission time
  • Analyze the behaviour of participants for quizzes
  • Easy to integrate with your business and apps through API
  • Works on any device and does not require any installation [/alert-note]

Online skill assessments are great for schools, universities and other educational institutions to track the behaviour of participants. Quilgo changes Google forms into online skill tests and exams. You can easily connect it with google forms, generate links with timing, and send it to the people for participating from anywhere. 

It gives you a lot of options to Brand and customizes your form welcoming page. Moreover, you can add your logo, text and colour as per your need to look quiz more interesting.  Also, you are allowed to invite your team to design a quiz more efficiently. There are different basic and premium plans of Quilgo for Individuals and Business organizations.



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