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G-suite promo code is valid for all countries and regions, but Google restricts its Business account services in some countries. Currently, G Suite restricted its business services in the following countries Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Crimea, Syria, and China. G Suite Business coupon is not valid in restricted countries.

In addition, G Suite basic plan is available for all countries for their personal use only, but not for education purposes. The G Suite basic plan discount coupon is valid for all countries.


How To Get G Suite Promo Code?

Well, this is a 1-minute process to get a G Suite promo code and each promotion code offers 20% off. Follow the step-by-step process and get a 20% discount coupon for your G Suite plan.

G Suite Promo Code 2020

Let’s get started,

1. Search on Google:- Type or copy-paste “G Suite promo code mailpromocode.com” on google search bar and hit enter.How To Get G Suite Promo Code

2. Click On First Result:- Click on the first result that appears on Google, as below mentioned in the picture.G suite promo code mailpromocode.com

3. Two Type Of Promo Code:- Scroll down a little bit and you will see the list of two types of G-suite promo code. Business and Basic choose the right one according to your G Suite plan.G Suite Promo Code coupon

4. Copy Promo Code:- Now copy the G Suite promo code according to your G Suite plan. After that open the Google Admin panel. Now click on the Billing icon and thereafter click on the setup billing icon.Google G Suite Admin Panel

5. Paste Promo Code:- Now click on the promo code button and paste your G Suite promo code. After pasting it hit the enter button.Promo Code Paste Here

6. 20% For One Year:- After that, you will see the code is applied successfully and a message will appear below the promo code section “20% off each month for 12 month(s) if the minimum monthly bill is US$1.00“. Hit the continue button and complete the payment details. That’s itG Suite Promo code Applied Successfully

7. For Any Query Contact us or Comment below.


What is Google G Suite?

It is a product developed by Google cloud and first launched on 28, August 2006 as Google Apps for your Domain. After further enhancement in Google Apps on 29, September 2016 it is rebranded to G Suite.Google G Suite

Mainely Google G Suite platform is used for communication, storage, Calculation, business or domain email, etc. Let’s take the most common example:-  Viedo meeting, Docs, Spreadsheet,  Apps Scripts, Vault, storage and sharing of the file, live streaming, recording, etc. Somehow most of us are familiar with some of them.


How Much Does G Suite Cost?

Well as all you know that all countries have their own currency, due to this the exact cost of the Google G-suite plan is varies. Currently, G Suite comes with 3 plans Basic, Business, and Enterprise.

  • Basic Plan Cost:- $6/user/month (USA)
  • Business Plan Cost:- $12/user/month (USA)
  • Enterprise Plan Cost:- $25/user/month (USA)

Below I will explain the G Suite plan and their cost.

Type Of G Suite Billing Plan:-

Flexible Plan:- There is no commitment in this plan and billing is done on a monthly cycle basis. The service will be canceled at any time without any penalty.

Annual Plan:- One year of membership is purchased at the starting of the plan. There is no cancellation before the membership plan ends.

G Suite Plan Costs In Other Currencies


Basic Plan Per User:-
Flexible Plan
Annual Plan


$6 / month

$72 / year


€5.2 / month

€62.4 / year


£4.6 / month

£55.2 / year


Rs420 / month

Rs5040 / year


¥680 / month

¥8160 / year


A$8.4 / month

A$100.8 / year


C$7.8 / month

C$93.6 / year





Mex$117 / month

Mex$1404 / year

Business Plane Per User:-
Flexible Plan
Annual Plan


$12 / month

$144 / year


€10.4 / month

€124.8 / year


£9.2 / month

£110.4 / year


Rs840 / month

Rs10080 / year


¥1360 / month

¥16320 / year


A$16.8 / month

A$201.6 / year


C$15.6 / month

C$187.2 / year


R$54 / month

R$648 / year


Mex$234 / month

Mex$2808 / year

Enterprise Plane Per User:-
Flexible Plan
Annual Plan


$25 / month

$300 / year


€23/ month

€276 / year


£20 / month

£240 / year


Rs1650 / month

Rs19800 / year


¥3000 / month

¥36000 / year


A$34 / month

A$408 / year


C$34 / month

C$408 / year


R$500 / month

R$1344 / year


Mex$112 / month

Mex$6000 / year


What Is The Google G Suite Used For?

Basically Google G Suite is used for professional email, file storage, video conferencing, shared calendars, calculation, and more. Further, it’s divided into 4 sub-categories:-

  1. Connect
  2. Create
  3. Access
  4. Control

Below I will explain to you each of these 4 G Suite sub-categories.

1. Connect

Reach your colleagues anytime anywhere.

1. Gmail

This is a real-time message notification system in which file transfer or data storage takes place. If you are bored with email then you can directly join the Meet video call or real-time chat system.

It was released to the public on 1 April 2004 with 1GB of storage and email search. Nowadays Gmail has become the world’s top opening email service.

G Suite Gmail

According to Litmus, Gmail tops the opened rate of email services with 38% email client usage worldwide.  It has approximately 1.5 billion active users worldwide.

G Suite provides a Gmail account with your own business domain name like (Ellen@yourbusiness.com). This account acts as an advertisement for the company and you can see every communication made by employees. Besides that, you can add up to 30 email aliases for each user.Your Domain Name Gmail comes with a free or paid account. For a professional business account, you need to purchase the G Suite plane otherwise you can create a free Gmail account with limited features.

2. Calendar

It is hard to survive in the office without the G Suite calendar. Because of its following tremendous features like scheduling calls and meetings, office events, due dates, event reminders, and daily work. Apart from this the G Suite calendar is easily integrated with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites, and Meet.


The best part about Google Calendar is to create multiple calendars. You can share calendars with everyone in your company (or even a subset of users). Examples of a group calendar are:- team holidays, public holidays, and regular meetings.

Furthermore, you can also migrate your different types of calendars in Google G Suite. For example, Microsoft® and IBM®.

3. CurrentsBETA

As the name suggests Current which means the present time. CurrentsBETA allows you to have meaningful discussions with employees. Communicate your ideas with the employees on focused topics that matter most for the organization. And get immediate feedback from the employees, this will help you to build a productive community.

Currents BETA

By using Current’s home stream key metrics you can easily access the specific information by following tags. With its help, you can gain valuable insights. In addition, you can interact with people outside the organization, if your G Suite administrator permits.

4. Google Chat

Now google begins the transition from hangouts to G Suite Google Chat. It is a messaging platform built for group conversation over a topic or project. It will help, enhance your productivity, and track the working progress day by day. It’s integrated with Google Drive so, you can upload files and join online meetings with Meet.

Google Chat

Google Chat builds on G Suite’s security-first ecosystem with integrated support for Vault. Other additional features like single sign-on, two-factor authentication, admin settings, compliance, and Vault retention.

Currently, Google Chat supports 28 languages and each room can support up to 8,000 members.

5. Google Meet

Google Meet is designed for all kind of business meeting video calls. It’s a secure-by-design infrastructure that protects your information and privacy.

Google Meet

Google Meet is integrated with G Suite, so you can join a video meeting directly from a Calendar event or email invite or set up a meeting by share a link. You can also see the important details of the projects or tasks. No matters whether you join the meeting from a computer, conference room, and phone.

Google meet is compatible with other browsers like Firefox, Safari, and new Edge, no need to install anything, for the mobile user only installs the Meet App. In its Enterprise edition, you can dial-in phone number in the Calendar so everyone has at the meeting even when there is no wifi or internet. Also, read about How to use Google Meet in detail.


2. Create

Everything you need to bring your project to life.

1. Google Docs

Most of us are familiar with Google Docs as it is a free tool integrated within Gmail. Google Docs allows you to create and edit text documents. You can share docs with multiple people with 3 shareable options to allow either view, comment, and edit the docs.

Google Docs

Documents compatible with all popular file formats import only the file and start working on it. You can export files in .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt and HTML formats. The best part is the automatically save the file and unlimited revision history so that you track your work and feel free to undo anything.

2. Google Sheet

Google spreadsheet is a smart and secure web-based application system, which allows you to create, edit, and modify spreadsheets. Most of the features are similar to Google Docs like sharing, editing unlimited history versions, and automatically saving systems.

Google Sheets

You can do any mathematical calculation by using sources code in the Sheets. It process data from multiple sources file such as CSV, Excel, or other file formats. Even you do more by sync sheets with BigQuery and have the data from the real world such as the Census Bureau, World Bank, and more.

Note:- All Google Sheets created file is don’t count towards your G Suite storage limit.

3. Google Form

Most of you probably fill any type of form before. It’s an easy way to create a survey form of your product, gather the data, and analyze everything about your product. Currently, Google Form handles 2 million cells of data. That is way more to analyze the product data.

Google Forms

Easy to share with others and you have the control who is able to edit and view the forms. It’s easy to show this Form to the audience by embedding it on the website.

4. Google Slides

Google Slide is the best alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, you can enhance your presentations by adding videos, pictures, charts, and diagrams. Save your time with Google Slides easy to design template.

Google Slides

In addition, you can work with your team, partner, and external contacts. By allowing them through Sharing settings, you have the control who can edit, view, or just add comments.

Sharing settings allow you to control who can edit, view, or just add comments. So you can work with your team, partners, and external contacts. This will enhance your presentation when you share your ideas with others.

5. Google Sites

Start your own business or project website designing with Google sites. This is similar to the WordPress page builder. Create your own site without learning design or programming skills. Build a responsive design so it’s compatible with desktop as well as mobile.

Google Sites

First, buy a Google domain and Cloud hosting from Google thereafter start to build a website. Creating and editing is done by just click, drag, and drop the layouts. Share your website ownership with only a few clicks.

To create a Google site first, you need to buy Google domain and cloud hosting from Google. Then create and edit the design by drag and drop the layouts. You can easily share the ownership of your website with others.

6. Apps Script

Google Apps script is basically an HTML, CSS, and Javascript-based language. If you the basics of these languages then you start directly working on it. This is available to everyone with a Gmail account login. Perfectly work when you connect with Google docs, spreadsheets, drive, calendar, email, etc.

G Suite Apps Script

Google Apps Script is an easy way to build your own web application to scale your productivity. This is a cloud-based program so customizations and updates where and when needed. In addition, it comes with Pre-integrated APIs and 100+ other Google services, like Google Analytics, BigQuery, Google Tag Manager, and YouTube for your easiness over these services.

Google developer Apps script support systems, allows you to learn more about Apps script functionality. Pre-made guides allow you to explore the APIs and enhance your productivity.

7. G Suite Add-ons

G Suite Add-ons is integrated with G suite and allows you to work smoothly across different platforms inside the G Suite. Studies show that context switching hurts your productivity. Well G Suite adds a quick-access side panel to keep your favorite application open. With quick access, you will interact with two G suite app in one window.

G Suite Add-ons

Now G Suite Add-ons allows you to Tailored access for your favorite application. Right now it’s integrated with the compose box of Gmail, the right-click menu of Drive, and the conferencing options in Calendar.

G Suite Add-ons are secure by default setting, they have limited access for a limited time. All of the Add-ons are fully managed by the Admin and viewing by the selected users that have been approved by the admin. Apart from this G Suite also provide the permissions API whitelisting tool. This tool allows admin to define which API can or cannot access by third-party applications.

8. Google Keep

Easily capture your thoughts anywhere anytime with Google Keep and get the work done. It’s the best alternative to Evernote. Update your to-do lists, notes, and set reminders to stay on track. Google Keep is also available for both Android and iOS users.

Google Keep

Begin a G Suite product, Keep works perfectly within the Google ecosystem. With Keep, it’s easy to share your notes, lists, drawings, pictures, etc with your team and colleagues. In addition, you can update your notes even when there’s no connection. Labeling Google Keep notes with hashtags to categorize or navigate them faster.


3. Access

Store files and find when you need them.

1. Google Drive

Store, access, and share your files anytime anywhere whenever you want. You have the authority to granting permission to others either they download, edit, comment, or view the files. Also work with 100+ integrated apps like Smartsheet, Mavenlink, diagrams, etc to get things done directly from the drive.

Google Drive

With G Suite basic edition you get 30GB storage data or with G Suite Business and Enterprise, plans have unlimited storage data. You can also migrate your current storage to the G Suite Drive. Apart from this, it works with 40+ different file types like PDFs, MPEG4s, .txt, etc.

Begin a Google cloud product, Drive uses Google AI to predict what’s important before you’ve even searched. Now you can stream directly from Google cloud it will save your PC/Mac disk space.

2. Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search functions similar to the Google search engine. Here you can find all G Suite files with one click, type the related search query and it delivers relevant suggestions. A study shows employees waste a lot of time looking for their files related to the project. Resulting in a lack of knowledge and unoptimized decision making.

G Suite Cloud Search

Cloud Search is compatible with Gmail, Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and more. It provides the right information when you need it, resulting in greater speed and better decision making. Whirlpool Corporation increases its productivity after using Google Cloud Search.


4. Control

Manage users, devices, and secure your organization data easily.

1. Google Admin

Access to your organization data from anywhere anytime with Google G Suite Admin console. Manage your organization files access, and configure security setting so your data stay safe. Resulting in enhancing your productivity.

Google Admin

Use the integrated Cloud Identity features to add new users and security options such as 2-step verification to maximize end-user efficiency. Limit your organization’s data over geographical location so that the selected G Suite data is stored at rest.

2. G Suite Vault

Being a Google Cloud product, Vault is used to preserve your users’ data from selected apps. It does not make a copy of the data and has no backup solution. Well, the retention rule provides you advanced control over G Suite data. Select the time duration how long to keep the certain data and when to permanently delete it.

G Suite Vault

Vault feature is available in G Suite Business and Enterprise editions. You can retrieve data even from suspended accounts. I recommend you suspend the account instead of deleting it.

3. Endpoint Management

Keep things simple and moving with G Suite Endpoint Management. Secure every device that accesses your organization data. It is easy to use and set up with Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, macOS, and Linux.

Endpoint Management

Available for G Suite Business and enterprise edition or Cloud Identity customer only. Enable the function of passcodes and wipe accounts without installing the software in Andriod and iOS devices. Resulting in secure your organization data when the device is lost. You can also provide access to business applications from the Admin console to increase your productivity.


What Is The Difference Between G-Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise

G Suite is one of the revolutionary services of Google in business formation and growth. Not only business but also for the education sector and small business owners, G Suite is playing an essential role. Till date, 5 million businesses are using G suite every day.

Working hard and smart both falls under today’s business rituals. No matter where you are, your planning and execution must keep going. That is what G Suite provides you, “Work from anywhere and with anyone”. Today we are going to compare various plans of G Suite and help you out which one is best for your Business.

Difference b/w G-Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise

  1. Basic Plan:- As appears with the name, this consists of fundamental services and products of G Suite. If you are a small business owner with 10 to 15 members then this plan will be great for you. It is a professional suite with 30 GB cloud storage, Email including your business domain, security and administration control, and many more.
  2. Business Plan:- This is the most popular and enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and collaboration. It is suitable for medium and large size business entities. The major features of this account consist of unlimited cloud storage Or 1 TB per user if less than 5 users,  Cloud search, audit reports to track user activities, and 24/7 standard support on chat, call, and Email.
  3. Enterprise Plan:- It is a premium office suite with advanced tools and controls. This enterprise plan is perfectly designed for big size organizations having large numbers of members. It provides advanced security features. (i.e. device management, security key management and data loss prevention for Gmail). Moreover, it has included some next-level tools like Gmail log analysis in a big quarry, data loss prevention for the drive, and unlimited cloud storage.

Nowadays, you can get a G Suite promo code for free. Just copy and paste the promo code and enjoy the 20% off for 1 year.

Compare all of the G Suite plans and their features:-




Google MeetGoogle MeetGoogle Meet
Business Email Through GmailBusiness Email Through GmailBusiness Email Through Gmail
30 GB Cloud StorageUnlimited Cloud storage or 1 TB per user if less than 5 usersUnlimited Cloud storage or 1 TB per user if less than 5 users
Shared CalendarShared CalendarShared Calendar
Docs, Spreadsheet and PresentationDocs, Spreadsheet and PresentationDocs, Spreadsheet and Presentation
24/7 Standard support24/7 Standard support24/7 Standard support
Security and Administration controlSecurity and Administration controlSecurity and Administration control
Apps Script and CurrentsApps Script and CurrentsApps Script and Currents
Google slides, form and sitesGoogle slides, form and sitesGoogle slides, form and sites
Smart Cloud search across G SuiteSmart Cloud search across G Suite
Audit reports to track user activitiesAudit reports to track user activities
Archive and set retention policies for chat and emailArchive and set retention policies for chat and email
Data regions for G SuiteData regions for G Suite
Vault to retain, archive and search dataVault to retain, archive and search data
Data loss prevention for Gmail and Google drive
Context aware access
Gmail log analysis in big quarry
Cloud identity premium to manage users, devices and apps
Security center for G Suite and hosted S/MIME for Gmail


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